The 392

Own It!, 2019

Set entirely on a London bus travelling from Hoxton to Highbury and taking place over just 36 minutes, the events of The 392 unfold through a cast of charismatic characters coming from very different worlds, but tied together through a shared suspicion as the threat of terrorism looms.

Completely, overwhelmingly in a league of its own.

Candice Carty-Williams
author of 'Queenie'

The 392 isn’t just a novel, it’s a celebration of diversity. Every character is whole, and every voice convincing. A familiar and unifying breath of fresh air in a time of so much division

Derek Owusu
author of 'That Reminds Me'

Like Zadie Smith, Ashley Hickson-Lovence captures the voice of contemporary London

Andrew Cowan

Cover of paperback edition, February 2020

Ashley Hickson-Lovence reads from his debut novel 'The 392'
OWN IT!, 2019

Further praise for 'The 392'

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that seemed so real

Hackney Citizen

A fantastic exploration in voice and characterisation. Could not put it down

Nick Bradley